a few little treasures for sale

Hello friends,

I am just popping a note here to let you know that I have a few little bottles of orange blossom and rose water for sale, and I would be very happy to share them with you if you would like! This is a very tiny batch from the spring, and I found this year’s distillate particularly special.

Each one is 100ml and bottled in amber glass. Any questions give me a shout, you can find plenty of other information about orange blossom and rose here on the blog!

Each bottle is £10, I am happy to offer a little discount if you would like more than one. Shipping is on top, preferably UK shipping only but I am happy to discuss international too.

Get in touch with me at miriam.hicklin@gmail.com.

4 thoughts on “a few little treasures for sale”

  1. Hi dear! Salaam alaykum, Happy to order Orange blossom. 2 bottles if poss. Let me know if you receive this email. Then more details pls about coast to uk. Insallah oure sons nikkah is in uk, in midjanuari. I have to get there adress.

    Sincere Jana Suraya Jonkman


    1. Salaam Jana yes of course, please can you email me the address and name to miriam.hicklin@gmail.com and I will reserve two for you. The shipping in the UK is around £3-4 I believe. I will send you the payment details in response to your email. 🙂


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