~ Love Notes from the Summer Solstice ~

Dear ones,

We enter the solstice with the striving energy of Spring growth behind us, and reaching its high peaks, ask ourselves the questions “Who am I?” and “How did I get here?”. Like the flower buds that break at the tips of the herb branches, we are suddenly awakened in a new and intoxicating space that feels enticing and terrifying all at once. Dive deep – and you will meet the waves of joy, gratitude and comfort you have been seeking.

The geometry of five is one of perfection. The golden ratio, and a deep correspondence with Earth. Rose, in its wildest forms, is a five plant, and also an Earth plant. In these times, she offers us the delight that will settle our mind’s questioning, and confront the old stories that haunt the long days of this season. With her perfect geometry, she reflects back to us our own beauty. She tells us we are worthy – of all the love, and of all the joy that can be received in this life. With her thorns, she helps us to refuse to become one again with the chains that bound us before, and allows us to resist the patterns that present themselves when we are at our lowest emotional and energetic ebbs. She whispers – “you are enough”. She tells us – “you are not the story your brain is telling you”. And she invites us to write a new story.

Your resources lie to your left, your right, above you and below you. In these times, draw on them and allow them to flow over you. Like the ocean – and you – they are infinite. To your right hand is balance, to draw on when you feel unsettled. Balance invites us to welcome in inaction as well as action, at a time when our ego strives to “go, go, go”. Balance tells us – there is no need to rush. There is no need to “do” anything. Perhaps your wisest move right now is no move. To our left sits all that has come before us, all the depths and the despair, but also the joy. She invites us to reflect and let it all flow – there is no need to put up walls between us and our emotions.

Above us and below us are our grandmothers who remind us of the tales woven at our foundations, a core that cannot be broken, not by the wind, and not by the heavy pull of things that are not meant for us. They tell us stories of what has been and what is to come, reminding us of the cycles of life which keep turning, always coming back to visit the same spots like these. At our core sits an opportunity to breath, to invite in gratitude, to call upon our own strength (with the help of rose, or any other seasonal friend you choose), and to relish this moment for what it is – without too much thought.

Your friends for this season may be different, but the correspondences remain. Seek out the watery spaces in your day to reflect and meet with the soul paths that you find there. Follow them, they can be trusted. Trust this moment, and trust that it is doing exactly what it needs to do, even if that feels like nothing much at all.



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