Onion: A Translation from The Garden of Blossoms

General Information

Divided into a number of different species, of which there are wild and cultivated varieties. We will turn our attention to the cultivated varieties. They come in many types: big, small, round, long, white and red, and they are well known so we will not spend long describing them. 

Its Nature

Hot and dry in the fourth degree.

Uses and Characteristics

Softens and clears, increases blood flow, reddens the skin and and is resourceful for hair loss, with salt it removes warts. Also if it is snuffed with its juices it is good for the head and cleanses it. Put it in the ear for a heavy head and ringing in the ear, as well as excessive ear wax. Use for those whose head is harmed during childbirth and have a bad temperament, it also increases saliva. Helpful against dog bites, and its shoots are useful for pus from the eyes, clears the vision, stops pus from the eyes, and all onions increase goodness and health.


Either leek or other types of onions

From Hadiqat al-Azhar (The Garden of Blossoms) by al-Wazeer al-Ghassani, a 16th Century pharmacopoeia. Translated by Miriam Hicklin.

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