Workshops and Lectures

I offer workshops in healing cooking and herbal distillation from our home in the heart of the Fes medina. This is seasonal work which has been part of sacred knowledge passed down through generations of women in this city.

Rose petals ready for distillation

In the spring (approx mid-March until mid-April) the market fills with orange blossom and rose petals.

In a handmade copper distiller, we load up the petals and turn on the fire, awaiting the much lauded first drip of herbal water that percolates up through the instruments.

This is a slow, meditative process. Traditionally it was only accessible to women, who would sit together in fellowship, dancing to the rhythms of the flowers as they filled the pots up and bottled up the glasses.

In these workshops, you can choose to learn the art of distillation, or the related craft of healing cooking.

In the distillation workshop, we try to keep as close to tradition, sitting for the length of the afternoon around the working pots, discussing gently the world to which this practice belongs, the skills and character that it necessitates.

orange blossoms for the pot

In the spring, we use orange blossom or rose petals, and outside of the season we use other fragrant herbs (rosemary, pennyroyal, lavender…) where accessible.

In the healing cooking class, myself and my mother-in-law, a lauded Fassi home chef, introduce you to the varied recipes in Fassi cuisine designed for healing and the restoration of health, mental, physical and emotional.

Following what is available seasonally from the local market, we walk you through the principles behind these recipes, discussing lifestyle and other factors, whilst teaching you recipes you can then adapt for your own kitchen.

I also offer lectures on Moroccan herbalism, covering the history of herbalism in Fes, common practices and principles.

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